Wifi Irrigation Controllers

Wifi irrigation controllers

We prefer Rachio brand irrigation controllers. Their easy to use app based interface makes watering your landscape a snap! 

Low Flow Sprinklers

flow flow sprinklers

Hunter brand low flow MPR nozzles, paired with their pro04 sprinkler bodies have been our goto water saver for years. 

Drip Irrigation

drip irrigation

Drip irrigation can help reduce wasted water in planting beds. Providing a regulated amount of water directly to your plants root zone. 

Irrigation Valves

Sprinkler valves

The hunter brand anti siphon valve is bullet proof in our experience. Completely rebuildable and serviceable. These are the valves you want in your next landscape project! 

Irrigation Leaks

irrigation repair

Irrigation leaks can be costly! Studies show that 70% of your household water bill is derived from even a healthy landscape irrigation system. Stop leaks and water waste fast!

Irrigation Design

irrigation deign and installation

Irrigation is truly a science. Allow one of our trained irrigation technicians to design and install your next water project. 

Digging irrigation lines for the Orangevale Community Garden project at the Grange hall. 

Irrigation Repair and services