Ponds - Waterfalls - Streams

Swim Ponds

Rock Swim Ponds Sacramento #reliablelandscaper

Swim ponds can be a great way for families to enjoy a natural chemical free swimming experience.

Ponds and Bio filtration

Ponds and bio filtration Sacramento #reliablelandscaper

All of our specialilly water features filter through a Bio Pond or BOG as we like to call it. This natural filtration of water through rock and plants allow your water feature to remain crystal clear year round. 

Pond less Water Features

Pond less water features Sacramento #reliablelandscaper

Pondless water features are just as they sound. These beautiful works of art function just the same as a traditional waterfall just without an open pond. This makes it ideal for front yards or for families with small children. 


Streams Sacramento #reliablelandscaper

Streams can be a great addition to most any landscape. Creating a sence of wonder and illusion as water passes over rock, stone, plants and even logs. 

Dry Creeks

Dry creek beds Sacramento #reliablelandscaper

really want the look of a stream or creek, just don’t have the budget? Dry creek beds can be beautiful, functional, and affordable. Even acting as part of your landscape drainage system.

Powered By

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All of our water features are powered by our friends at Rockface Waterscapes

What to Expect

Rock swim ponds sacramento #reliablelandscaper

Building a water feature

  • Placing Rocks is an art form.
    • Sometimes we may have to move individual rocks 3-4 times to compliment the overall design and natural water flow.
  • Things will look in disarray almost to the end
    • Being that our water features are natural in style, as Mother Nature created them herself, it will not make much sense until all elements including the water are in place. Trust me you will love it!
  • Some things may slow your project progress
    • Muddy, Rainy weather conditions
    • Unforseen elements found during excavation 
      • Large boulders or bed rock
      • Unmarked utilities
      • Ground Water