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Redwood fence and retaining wall

Redwood fence with post master metal fence posts. Pressure treated retaining wall with cap. (Fair Oaks CA)

Redwood Fence

Friendly neighbor style redwood fence with 3 rails and postmaster metal posts. (Orangevale CA) 

Concrete driveway

Concrete driveway with double joints and banded. (Fair Oaks CA) 

Concrete retaining wall and patio

Stamped concrete retaining wall and salt finish patio. (Fair Oaks CA) 

Salt Finish Driveway 1

Salt finish driveway (Fair Oaks CA) 

Salt Finish Driveway 2

Concrete Driveway (Fair Oaks CA) 


Decorative concrete patio (Orangevale CA) 

Community Garden Project

Orangevale Grange Community Garden (Orangevale CA) 

California Swim Pond

Pond water clarity after Gypsum appliction 

Exposed Aggregate Driveway

Exposed Aggregate driveway 


Concrete Sacramento with #ReliableLandscaper

Water Feature

Check out this backyard water feature we did recently in Citrus Heights CA. #ReliableLandscaper

DIY Network part 1

Fire Water vs. Floating Bed DIY NETWORK 


DIY Network Part 2

Fire Water vs. Floating Bed DIY NETWORK


DIY Network part 3

Fire Water vs. Floating Bed DIY NETWORK


Weed Abatement and Defensible Space

Weed abatement services on a Northern California solar farm. 

Weed abatement and Defensible space

Solar farm vegetation control 

Solar Farm Cleaned Northern Californa

100 Acres

88,000 Panels

Solar panel cleaning and weed abatement service